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Strategies to Use in an Online Casino: Martingale, Coefficients, and Counting Cards

Gambling in online casinos is no less exciting than in land-based establishments. Besides, the winnings can be so huge that players cannot withstand the idea to find a perfect strategy to finish the game as a winner. If you are a newcomer, there will be a lot of amazing things you will learn while gambling on the Internet. Before proceeding to the main strategies used by seasoned players, check out the general recommendations:

  1. Carefully choose a website to gamble: Before you make your first deposit, make sure you are dealing with a reliable platform. You can choose the best one from non-UK licensed casinos on CasinoGam.
  2. Practice before gambling for real money: A trustworthy casino provides the possibility to enjoy the thrill of gambling without putting your real money at stake. Make use of this opportunity.
  3. Set time and money limits: Decide for yourself how much money you are ready to spend (read as lose) and how much time you have for online gambling. Be strict to yourself and stick to these rules.
  4. Take advantage of bonuses: Every casino provides a lucrative welcome and match-up bonuses. Check out the terms and make use of them.
  5. Be sober: The worst enemy of a gambler is alcohol, that’s why there are so many drinks in Las Vegas.
  6. Choose a strategy, test it, and stick to it at least until the end of a game.

These are the basic recommendations that will help you while gambling in an online casino. Now, let’s check the most common strategies.

10 Mistakes While Launching an Online Casino in Great Britain to Avoid

Online casinos are a profitable venture. However, one should remember that for such a platform to bring a profit, it is necessary to take a lot of details into account. So, if you have decided to enter the world of online non UK casino gambling and launch a platform like, we have collected the most typical mistakes to be avoided.

Saving on the Development of the Site

The site is what users will open before they launch any game. Therefore, if the interface is not attractive, while a platform is not user-friendly, it is unlikely that anyone will spend time in the search for a favourite game.

Which Social Casino Games Engage British Players & How to Deal With This

Before considering the games that engage British people, it is worth beginning with the definition of social casino. A social casino has taken an intermediate position between classic online casinos and non-gambling games with the possibility to acquire virtual items or bonuses for real money. So, a person can enjoy the process of gambling making bets without risking leaving a casino with empty pockets. 

It is also crucial to mention that this is not a completely free entertainment. There are purchases in these games that can be made. For instance, a user can buy special symbols, game currency, or other virtual objects necessary for these games. However, in the case of winning, it won’t be possible to exchange it for real money. As there is no monetary reward, these games do not belong to gambling and are allowed in countries where offline and online gambling is prohibited.

Understanding of LTV in Gambling: Is It Important in Online Gambling?

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is a system used by casinos to measure and determine the value of their audience. Calculating these metrics helps a casino to assess the efficiency of marketing strategies and customer relationship management, as well as determine which of the user segments is most valuable for their particular establishment.

From the definition of lifetime customer value, it is already possible to conclude that these metrics are not only used by online casinos, but they are also crucial to them. Therefore, if you are a fan of the industry or plan to launch your own casino, read on to find out more about an LTV.