How to Play Online Slots during Self-Exclusion through GamStop

After you self-exclude, you will not be able to enjoy any type of casino entertainment. However, this rule applies only to those gambling platforms that have a UKGC licence. You can still spin the reels of slot machines in English online casinos not using GamStop ban. But please think twice whether you indeed need to do it.


Self-Exclusion Was Your Conscious Decision

It takes some time and effort to apply for self-exclusion through GamStop. You need to visit the site of the organization and indicate your personal and contact data. You cannot do it in just one click. If you decided to use GamStop, you probably had some reasons for it.

Some gamblers confess that they self-excluded because they were overwhelmed with emotions and were not thinking rationally. But how can we know that they tell the truth? What if they are indeed dependent on gambling?

On the Internet, you can find questionnaires that will help you to understand whether you are developing an addiction. If you are, you should not try to play slots by any means. If you are not sure about your state, consult with a professional psychologist.


What If I Still Want To Gamble?

Players who are sure about their psychological stability can try to access slots with the help of the following methods:

  • Create a new casino account using contact data that they did not share with GamStop
  • Use one of their old accounts that they did not report to GamStop
  • Sign up for a foreign casino that does not have a UKGC license

The third method is probably the safest one. If you try the first or the second one, GamStop might detect that it is you and block you on all platforms. But this organization cannot influence foreign casinos.

According to statistics, players who self-excluded through GamStop often register on gambling platforms that have Curacao licenses. To top up their accounts, they use credit cards because they lack savings and rely on borrowed money. Many foreign platforms have nothing against this payment method. But in the UK, gamblers cannot top up their casino deposit with credit cards anymore.


What Is the Biggest Problem with Foreign Casinos?

Actually, there are two problems connected with such gambling platforms.

  1. People who are addicted to casinos can make stakes there freely. Their psychological state will aggravate and they risk losing too much money.
  2. Clients with addiction often choose unlicensed platforms. They are entirely unregulated and often turn out to be scams. They might fail to pay out the winnings. They might hack the algorithms of the games so that their customers can never win. They can sell their clients’ private data to third parties or use it for nefarious purposes. They are unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

If you decide to keep on playing online slots after the self-exclusion, select a credible and licensed online casino. There, you will have fair chances to win and your personal information will be kept 100% confidential. And of course, make sure you gamble responsibly!

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