Charity Gambling: 3 Casinos That Subscribe Money to Charities

Gambling is a profitable niche. For many people, especially those who have faced the problems of addiction to gambling, consider casinos as something evil. They think that the only intention of such establishments is to make money on the disability of people to overcome this addiction. Well, gambling is a business. However, in reality, no casino owner can be blamed for someone’s addiction. In the surprise of gambling opponents, some casinos donate money to charities.


3 Casinos Involved in Charity

To improve the reputation of gambling, some casinos are engaged in social problems and donate money to fight against hunger, to help children with disabilities, to support artists, and, surprisingly, overcome gambling addiction.

  1. GVC Holdings PLC

This is a group of online and offline casinos that work internationally. Therefore, they take care of not only territories where offline casinos are based but also countries where they operate in an online mode. Thus, the management provides casino employees with two paid days that they can spend as volunteers in shelters for the homeless and orphanages.

Besides, the holding is making considerable contributions to the British organization that fights against addiction to gambling games, i.e., GamblingAware. Within the years 2018-2019, GVC Holdings PLC donated a whopping amount of £9.6 million. A considerable part was donated to GamblingAware, which is £1,462,000.

  1. Hard Rock Casino

Even those who have never played in a casino have at least heard about the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino. It is not only one of the most popular brands in the fields but also one of the most active charity contributors. This organization has been donating money to help people who have suffered from calamities, to increase awareness about autism, to help in cancer prevention, and to fight against human trafficking.

Created in 2016, the Hard Rock Heals Foundation has been since focusing on music and assisting organizations that believe in its healing powers. The foundation donated $250,000 in 2019.

  1. Clarion Gaming

This company is known in the world due to its event called ICE London. It has got a strong commitment to supporting the community. In 2018, at the mentioned event, Clarion Gaming cooperated with the CHIPS Organization (Children’s Happiness Involves People) to provide electric prams for children with disabilities.

The mentioned organization was founded due to the charity activities of the UK gambling industry. Owing to donations and contributions from the Clarion Gaming company and other British casinos in the industry, CHIPS managed to raise over £2.2 million. Children’s Happiness Involves People provided more than 520 electric wheelchairs for children with disabilities.


To Conclude

These are just three most well-known names that make the most significant charity contributions. Talking about the charity of the gambling industry, it is also worth mentioning Gateway Casinos and Entertainment and Crown Resorts Limited together with Packer Family Foundation. Casinos and gambling companies are not purely evil as some people think.

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