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What I want to share in this post is for those of you who are wanting to create an income from blogging and have started or are about to start.
Like with any business what do you require to create any success at all?
As I am sure you are aware of what the basic requirements are already, if not you can read my previous post, which covered research, product/products, domain names, blog set up and finally I talked about why some Entrepreneurs are hands on and others employ people specialised in each particular area as I mentioned both are successful.


Successful Business Ideas
I have a large library of books that I have read about the success some of the most affluent and wealthiest people to have ever lived.
One single word that sticks in my mind from all those books is a simple word “IDEA” each and every one of these people said “It began with an idea” which some of them transformed into billions of dollars.
I know it sounds like I am taking a step backwards, but this is so important to your success, as I said if you have started or about to start just reflect on what I am about to share.
Where do you think their idea started?
I’ll answer that question first before continuing. I know that some of you will think this is corny, but it all began with a dream and a burning desire.
Napoleon Hill says in his book Think and Grow Rich, “The world is filled with an abundance of opportunity which the dreamers of the past never knew”. With the technology we have access to today and the ongoing evolution, I’m sure you will find yours.

A Mentors Questions
These simple questions are based on what one of my mentors asked me when I was about to launch a business many years ago.
Here are his questions that you should seriously consider!
Was this your own idea?
Would you say your idea excited you?
Can you write a paragraph on why your idea will be successful?
Do you honestly believe your passion and desire will keep you focused?
Yes I did answer them and the business became very successful.
Out of those simple questions I actually wrote a business plan without realising that was what I was doing, all that born out of passion and desire.
The reason you need to answer these questions it will give you passion and desire needed to succeed and to commit and not give up after a few months.

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