Fue hair transplant Singapore clinic | Treatment.com.sg – Considering a Hair Transplant?

With this surgery, the surgeons will do an intensive combing of the fue hair transplant Singapore clinic | Treatment.com.sg. The surgeon will then use a high-powered laser and remove the dead follicles. This method is efficient in eliminating the hair follicles that are weak and don’t grow anymore. This technique also enhances the scalp as it helps to improve the growth of the hair loss. As a result, hair follicles are rejuvenated and the hair transplant can occur. The grafting of hair from these weakened hair follicles results in very fine and healthy hair.

Fue hair transplant Singapore clinic | Treatment.com.sg – History of Hair Transplant

The most popular of all the procedures is the autologous transplant, which is highly effective as a hair transplant. This is because it is a specialized procedure where the hair is taken from the same donor. The person undergoing the procedure will be lucky enough to get a full head of hair for his own self. The donor may be his or her own blood relative or even someone who has never shaved and lacks a full head of hair.

However, the main problem of this technique is that it is a medical science and so it may not be very cost-effective. It is also not suitable for very thinning areas as it cannot produce hair out of thin and even weak hair. Another disadvantage is that it is a very lengthy procedure, and it can take up to one year to recover from the hair transplant.


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