EiG 2019 Milan Review – Innovation in Gaming.

At previous shows Microgaming has given away mints in a sleek aluminum container but this year they did something different. Don’t get me wrong there was still a stylish sleek aluminum container but what was in it I hear you ask? Well luckily there was a clear description:



What is this? Nuts and Seeds
What is that exactly? A mixture of Nuts and Seeds
What does it contain? Contains Nuts.
What a buzz. This industry simply never stands still!!
See you at ICE in January.

Oh ok, I will say a few more things. EGC feels middle-aged and irrelevant so whilst the young, thrusting executives of the gaming industry grooved their perfect booties (I think that’s what the kids are doing) EGC was getting in touch with the common man, by strolling around an Anish Kapoor exhibition and eating raw fish in Da Claudio (highly recommended).
Anyway the point is, as regards the social side of EiG, we didn’t grace the dance floors of Milan or indeed mix free alcohol and networking so we cannot comment.
Neither did we have time to take part in any of the interesting seminars, round tables, discussion groups, lectures taking part around the main event. For this we apologize and are indeed wracked by guilt and regret. All we can report is that someone we know was in one of these afore-mentioned “events” relating to gambling in Italy and nothing that was said was of great significance. Well, to be more precise, it has all been said before – probably many years ago in dot com markets. I am sure in reality the vast majority were worthy and interesting (why does everything I write sound sarcastic??? it isn’t supposed to, this is a genuine sentiment) but we are not qualified to comment on this occasion.
EiG Expo top 10 9 things we can comment on.
Anyway, in an attempt to avoid writing the usual empty drivel here is a list of what we did observe and feel we can comment on:
1) There seemed to be a genuine pep in the step of Chartwell Games which is now flying under the Amaya flag.
2) Sheriff Gaming was new to the event and showing off some cool new slot designs and original gadgets.
3) An expectedly great look and feel for mobile games, from NetEnt.
4) Buzz Sports. This is a really exciting product, lets hope more sports are on the way.
5) Where was the Italian contingent? For a show in Milan, in a country with such a huge focus on its gaming industry there seemed to be a dearth of Italians.

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