At home punching bag

At home punching bag

Will in general droop or become delicate in specific spots after some time

Our next decision for you is ideal for individuals who are searching for something a tiny bit progressively reasonable, essential yet powerful. The Nevatear Heavy Bag from Everlast is only that.

As you may have speculated from the name as of now, Nevatear is a Heavy bag. Its filler is an uncommon mix of texture so it winds up engrossing stuns calm well. You will ponder during the beating by its engrossing capacity.

It won’t rebuff your knuckles severely as a result of that exceptionally mixed filler. It is besides firmly pressed to gauge a decent 100 pounds in loads and hitherto more safe than your lighter 70-pounders.

This bag joins a little chain with a turn and connection, which is a GOOD!



At home punching bag

Offers extraordinary obstruction

Arrives in a reusable vinyl bag

Accompanies a 10-year guarantee declaration

Made in the USA

Accompanies a free D-ring upon demand



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